World of Wonder


Not unlike a complex molecule, a wonder is made up of tightly-knit atoms. At the core is man’s pursuit of wonder. The Wunderkammer reproduces the idea of “the world in a room”: in one room man collects and controls his own universe. The film features first-hand accounts from modern collectors who share their stories, their experiences, their journeys, their treasures. The viewer is taken into otherwise inaccessible places across France, Italy, Austria and England as the documentary explores the past and present, and delves into today’s Wunderkammer, leading inevitably to the question: What lies in the future for wonder?

The film features contributions from highly-esteemed figures:

Alexis Kugel – Collector and antique dealer
Luca Cableri – Collector, gallery owner
Jean Hubert Martin – Honorary Director of the Centre Pompidou
David Ghezelbash – Gallery owner and President of the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art
Loic Malle – Collector and gallery owner
Roberto Balzani – Director of the Bologna’s University Museums Network, professor
Annalisa Zanni – Director of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan
Lavinia Galli – Curator of the most attended exhibition on Wunderkammers
Jeacques Garcia – Collector and interior designer
Viktor Wynd – Collector, gallery owner, and owner of the Wiktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Natural History in London
Andrea Lissoni – Senior Curator International Art ( lm) at the Tate Modern Gallery
Anna Maria Maggiore – Director MUDEC in Milan
Pierre Payroll – Collector, artist, interior designer
Bruce Boucher – Director of the Sir John Soane’s Museum

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