Five hundred years after his death, Leonardo continues to be one of the most admired and well-known figures in human history.  An artist, architect, humanist, naturalist and military strategist, Leonardo Da Vinci was, above all else, a tireless observer constantly looking for new discoveries.  

Through the use of the Artificial Intelligence and decades of studies and researches, the film exclusively recomposes the thousands of pages of the Da Vinci Codes and revisits with new and insightful perspectives the theories and practical implications of his work. 

With contributions by leading international experts and a pool of technician and engineers, the film sheds a new light on Da Vinci’s observations and studies, giving viewers the opportunity to see the works of Leonardo through the modern implications of his works. 

The civil and armaments industries, engineering, communications, medicine, anatomy and 21st century art, all share, as a common denominator, the research and development found in the work of Leonardo.

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